Tuesday, June 14, 2016


courtesy of on.cc

Mainland film stars Han Geng, Wu Jing and his wife Xie Nan yesterday attended the CHINESE ODYSSEY 3 press conference in Shanghai. "Venerable Tang Monk" Wu Jing said that this time without any fight scene the production was rather easy. The funniest was when he performed Law Kar Ying's hit ONLY YOU. He said, "I always sing this song, even my wife feels helpless. Now as soon as I sing only, my son would know to sing you. It's very cute!" Instead as Princess Iron Fan Xie Nan had fight scenes. Was Wu Jing worried that his wife would get hurt? He joked, "Who would dare to injure my wife, they wouldn't live!"

Han Geng stated that playing Stephen Chow Sing Chi's classic character was rather stressful. With a lot of fight scenes, he had to lose 20 pounds a month before the production. When he was practice with a staff he got hurt by accident. Luckily he also had intimate scenes. Director Jeff Lau Chun Wai told him to try to enjoy them as much as he could.

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