Friday, June 3, 2016


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The film YUN BUT JU DIK NGAN LUI (TEARS THAT CANNOT BE HELD BACK)'s cast yesterday attended a Duen Ng Festival Zong making event. Actor K-Chek earlier called the police after a gang attack. Yesterday he showed his arm injuries and said that he still had pain in his back. Currently he was waiting for the police to take his statement. He said that because he argued with his former girlfriend of three years and current artist Szebi Wong Nga Sze, he suspected that her friends attacked him. Yesterday Szebi was also on hand. She admitted that she was concerned about K-Chek's injury and said that her friend was not a suitor. Since then they no longer had any contact. As for her relationship with K-Chek, she said, "We are partners, earlier we already decided to break up because we aren't right for each other!"

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