Friday, June 17, 2016


Kim Hee-Sun and Jackie Chan
Best Action Actress Zhang Jingchu
Lin Peng
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Jackie Chan Action Movie Week Night took place last night at the Shanghai Film Festival. The event presented 8 awards like Best Action Movie Award, Best Action Director, Actor and Actress.

Jackie Chan said, "Many people asked me why I would organize this movie week? It's not worth the hassle of money and time to call people to beg them to attend! This movie week hopes everyone would watch action movies and pay more attention to action filmmakers, hopefully Chinese film will have even greater development in the world. This movie week doesn't belong to me, but to everyone!" When Best Action Actor went to Owen Wilson, Jackie Chan called him and woke him up. Owen said, "What? Are you kidding? I wish I was in Shanghai with everyone!"

Best Action Actress went to Zhang Jingchu, who kept her lips sealed about her love life. Did she call her boyfriend to give him the good news? She said, "You are so bad! You are trying to get me to talk! Kung fu movies are very tiring, Jackie Chan never thought I could do it and told me to make art films!" Eric Tsang Chi Wai and Kim Hee-Sun presented Best Fight Scene. Chi Wai greeted everyone in Kim Hee-Sun's "girly" Putonghua voice. The award went to Best Action Movie IP MAN 3. Raymond Wong Pak Ming and fresh out of the oven Best Action Director Wilson Yip Wai Shun accepted it on Yuen Woo Ping's behalf. Jackie Chan said that he was pleased with the results and called in all the favors to invite guests to attend. He even personally invited Kim Hee-Sun. When asked about Tao suddenly breaking down in an interview, Jackie Chan pushed away the microphone immediately.

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