Sunday, June 19, 2016


Kabby Hui kicks herself for catching a glimpose of Alex Fong Lik Sun's buff bod
Alex Fong Lik Sun, Wilson Chin, Kabby Hui
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Alex Fong Lik Sun and Kabby Hui Nga Ting starred in the new film KIDNAP DING DING DON (BONG GA DING DING DONG). He had daring scenes in which he took off his shirt to show off his muscles and she had a sexy dance. Did he feel director Wilson Chin Kwok Wai was playing a prank on him? Siu Fong said that for the film nothing was too much to ask! When asked did he heart pound when Hui Nga Ting performed a sexy scene? Siu Fong revealed, "When I was working Wilson was dancing for me!" Chin Kwok Wai joked, "He's a great actor, he was able to think of Kabby when he watched me dance!" Kabby stated that she regretted not visiting the set and was unable to personally catch a glimpse of Siu Fong's buff body.

Speaking of lead actress Ivana Wong Yuen Chi during the shoot was still not "Mrs. So" yet, Chin Kwok Wai said, "This film was made after I got married. After it was done she got married. We even joked that for its release would Siu Fong be the one to get married, but......" Siu Fong who earlier parted ways with Stephy Tang Lai Yun said, "Maybe then I will really get married! (A metaphysics expert said you two will get back together next year!) No comment, last time a tarot card expert said that we wouldn't!"

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