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Jackie Chan, Michelle Yeoh's fiance Jean Todt, Brad Pitt
Jason Statham and Jackie Chan
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International superstar Jackie Chan made a name for himself with action as he created a lot of classic action films. Despite highly dangerous stunts and his age of 62, he still personally performed! In recent years a "Young Fresh Meat" wave arose. Jackie Chan who earlier admitted signing one of the "Young Fresh Meat" Kris Wu Yifan lamented that the new generation of actors were very cautious. "If 'Young Fresh Meat' has to perform dangerous stunts like us, they have to completely rely on doubles. They still need to train and improve!" He pointed out that many actors in order to make a quick buck only went to the gym to learn a few stunts for action films. He has seen a very surprising example. "On film sets most of them have doubles, they truly are too lazy! A young actor injured his hand during a kung fu scene, he immediately screamed and cried for heaven and earth. Finally the entire team of over 800 people came to see how he was!"

Earlier Jackie Chan went to Le Mans, France to attend the 48th 24 Hours Le Mans relay race with his team Jackie Chan DC Racing. It was the only Chinese team to participate. He cheered on the team members and participated in a team tour. Later Jackie Chan and Mainland director Feng Xiaogang visited the racing museum and when meeting with the mayor he even received a cultural ambassador badge.

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