Monday, June 13, 2016


William Chan, Jessica
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The Emperor release, Mani Fok man Hei produced romantic comedy I LOVE THAT CRAZY LITTLE THING yesterday held a Shanghai press conference. Director Snow Zou Xian, stars William Chan Wai Ting, Tina Tang Yixin, Jessica, Wang Ziqian, Rock Ji Huanbo, Suolang Nima attended. They fulfill to promise to do a "crazy little thing at the Shanghai Film Festival" with a dance. Actually a week before the press conference, as long as the event weibo received over 61,2000 praises the production team would do a "crazy little thing" at the Shanghai Film Festival. The goal was reached and the three popular idols fulfilled the promise with a dance.

Chan Wai Ting's character in the film was a projection of many modern young people's current condition and confusion about dreams and love. He revealed that the craziest thing he did for love was cooking because his cooking was rather bad. Tang Yixin expressed, "My craziest thing is going very far to see my love."

The director revealed, "While shooting in Hawaii, Wai Ting, Ting Fung dove into the ocean for an underwater scene. Before they warmed up again they already dragged me to the top of a volcano." Recalling the seven hour long diving production experience, Chan Wai Ting said, "Even I won myself over."

With a special performance as Chan Wai Ting's "life coach", Tse Ting Fung recorded a video for the press conference and praised Chan Wai Ting's good performance in the film. "This time I saw a Chan Wai Ting I have never seen before, I really admire his courage as he completely lets go of his idol burden!"

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