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Wallace Chung and Lee Min-Ho hold up protector and prankster signs
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The Pegasus Motion Picture release, the Raymond Wong Pak Ming produced, Terra Shin directed, Lee Min-Ho, Wallace Chung Han Leung, Tiffany Tang Yan, Karena Ng Chin Yu, Jeremy Jones Xu (Tsui Chi Hei) and Louis Fan Siu Wong starred BOUNTY HUNTERS (SEUNG GUM LIP YUN) will open on July 28th. Yesterday the film held a Beijing premiere press conference. The cast and one of the film theme song RUN's performer Chen Fanyu appeared. Yesterday was Lee Min-Ho's birthday. The team as well as Lee Min-Ho's junior colleague Kim Yoo-Mi celebrated.

Lee Min-Ho thanked everyone for their well wishes and even said, "I don't thought that my birthday would be on the BOUNTY HUNTERS premiere." Then he picked up a knife and boldly stabbed the cake, much like his brave and smart bounty hunter image in the film.

Yesterday's press conference added in beach and pool summer elements, thus the games the actors played were full of summer fun. Lee Min-Ho appeared to be very close with Chung Han Leung, thus they gave each other plaques to commend each other for playing pranks on and protecting each other. They also chose surfboard and lei as props and made funny poses like a Hawaiian girl.

The event also showed BOUNTY HUNTER's final trailer. Lee Min-Ho personally performed any stunt scenes. "This was my first wire work in my film career, luckily this time I didn't have to fight Fan SIu Wong. Otherwise I would have worried myself to death!" Lee Min-Ho truly admired Fan Siu Wong's martial art background. While playing action games he kept pulling Fan Siu Wong next to him so he would not have to lose.

Tang Yan and Ng Chin Yu disguised themselves as a queen and an angel. Tang Yan revealed that she had close relationships with the guys in the film and was able to have them eating right out of her hand. Thus everyone dubbed her the "Queen" among bounty hungers. Chin Yu was like an angel on and off screen so both under director Terra Shin's leadership put on a crown, scepter, ribbon and feathered wings.

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