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Nick Cheung admits his acting is being tested
Charmaine Sheh remains undercover
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The film LINE WALKER (SI TOH HUNG JEH) earlier revealed a series of character costume stills. The theme was "undercover is deep like the sea". In the photo everyone was in danger and displayed the cruel reality of being undercover. However not to much about the film was revealed. Louis Koo Tin Lok and Nick Cheung Ka Fai were like brothers but suspected the other to be undercover. They would even perform a blood bath on the streets. On and off screen they were as close as siblings so on camera the spark of course was exciting. Francis Ng Chun Yu seemed to be an outsider. Because he played a very dutiful but cool CIB, he of course had danger but had a gentleman feel like James Bond. He would glance past all the danger.

In one scene Cheung Ka Fai pointed a gun at Goo Jai's head because he suspected Goo Jai to be undercover. He could only find out the truth. Goo Jai said that this scene was a piece of cake. When Ka Fai pointed a gun at his head he had no actual fear at all. Thus his acting was tested. Because in the film he had to look nervous but at the same time remained cool, he truly went from the outside in and back out again. Ka Fai said that pointing a gun at Goo Jai's head of course was fun, but he worried that it would misfire. The team's protective procedures were done to their fullest so he was only concerned for a second.

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