Friday, June 10, 2016


Fan Bingbing gets a little too close for comfort to "Little Jackie Chan"

Kira Shi, Fan Bingbing and Zhang Lanxin picked up Jackie Chan
Zhang Lanxin backs Jackie Chan into a wall
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The ladies picked up Jackie Chan
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The Shanghai International Film and Television Festival would have many film promotions every year. Jackie Chan yesterday with Fan Bingbing promoted their film SKIPTRACE at a press conference. They were once linked in gossip. Despite Fan Bingbing being in a relationship now, they continued to have friendly interaction on the stage. Bingbing even picked up Jackie Chan with two actresses and revealed her relationship with him. Bingbing described working together again after 7 years, they were actually like "uncle and niece". Jackie Chan praised Bingbing for her professionalism. She did not use a double for dangerous scenes and was very demanding of herself. On the set she asked for another take on her own.

Jackie Chan not only gave Bingbing a self defense fan but also publicly named Big Black Bull (Li Chen) defense when he taught her self defense in intimate interaction. He said that his niece Bingbing worried her. Bingbing asked online with Li Chen, "From my uncle! Watch out Li Chen!"

Zhang Lanxin and Kira Shi Shi were also in SKIPTRACE. Zhang Lanxin played a villain for the first time and had a lot of fight scenes. Shi Shi played Jackie Chan's trusty assistant. Yesterday at the press conference the host asked them to back Jackie Chan to the wall. Lanxin immediately performed a mid air split and forced Jackie Chan to the wall.

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