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Taiwan star Tony Yang two days ago after attending the Shanghai Film Festival yesterday morning came to Hong Kong to promote his new film COLD WAR 2 (HONG JIN 2), as he gave away free ice cream pie on the streets of Causeway Bay. Last night he immediately returned to Shanghai to prepare for the new film press conference. He said that the Shanghai Pudong explosion did not affect him as he would fly out of Hong Kong as scheduled.

With all the rain in Hong Kong and Shanghai recently, Tony Yang said that he was not worried that it would affect the fans who came to see him. Instead he said that with the higher temperature it would be cooler and more comfortable after the rain. Speaking of working with compatriot Eddie Peng Yu-Yan for the first time in COLD WAR 2, Tony Yang said that actually they have known each other for a long time. They even constantly worked out together to get into shape. He said, "Is Peng Yu-Yan here? If he isn't, I have a six pack ab too. Mine is only a medium sized, his is XL sized." Since they worked out together, would people get the wrong idea? He said, "No, we only BS a little, exercise with a companion." Who was in more perfect shape? Tony Yang praised Peng Yu-Yan of course. He not only was his mentor but also his work out role model.

When asked which new film he would have to return to Shanghai to prepare for, Tony Yang said that the announcement would have to wait until the press conference. However he revealed that he will work with Liu Ye and Wang Luodan on a war film. He said, "I have worked with Liu Ye ten years ago on BLOOD BROTHERS. At the time Ng Yin Cho (Daniel Wu) and Chang Chen were also there. This time the film will shoot on location in Europe and will have a lot of action scenes. Almost everyday an explosion scene will take place. I will also have to have action training."

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