Tuesday, May 15, 2018


Julian Cheung has to wear three layers in the heat
Julian Cheung has to run in thick clothing despite the heat
Even Julian Cheung says that he cannot take the heat
Extras try to find shade from the sun
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The Herman Yau Lai To directed, Julian Cheung Chi Lam, Francis Ng Chun Yu, Charmaine Sheh Sze Man and Timmy Hung Tin Ming starred film DEATH NOTIFY (SEI MONG TUNG JI DAN UM HAK JEH: SAU BO KUK SEUNG HUNG WUI) recently has been shooting at Admiralty. The shoot had almost 100 extras. The temperature has lingered above 30 degrees Celsius, everyone had to work in the sun. Several extras two days ago reportedly fainted during the shoot.

According to a social platform recount of a supposed extra, two days ago around noon he felt a light summer stroke and went to the shade to rest. He did not take to the set even after the shoot ended. During the shoot some appeared to suffer heat stroke, as they foamed at the mouths and fainted. The team halted production right away and did not resume production until the extra was sent to a hospital. The post also complained about the director not giving enough time to rest and having to wear long sleeve clothing to shoot in the sun for hours.

The film company China 3D Digital Entertainment replied, "Yesterday indeed several workers didn't feel well due to the heat. They suffered minor heat stroke but after resting they were fine." Reportedly several extras were sent to be examined at to the hospital and were fine.

Chilam and Ah Sheh yesterday worked at the same location for a Chilam running scene. Before the shoot they rested inside their vehicles. The extras hid under the shade but some were only able to stay under the sun. In long sleeve clothing Chilam kept sweating. He said that he was not on the set when the extras suffered heat stroke so he did not know much about it. However he admitted that the past few days have been too hot. "Stuff like this always happens during summer film productions. It happened to me a few times. I remember once I was in Hengdian, after drinking some cooling beverage I was fine. The extras really have it bad. The ones who played soldiers even had to stand in the sun for several hours. That's why I like to make movies in the winter, at least I don't have to fix my make up. Today I have three layers of costumes. Now I am not on the set yet I am just wearing one."

Chilam said, "I just tough it out. Actors look glorious on camera but actually only they know their pain. I can only try not to be too emotional during breaks." He also lamented it was a hard living. Ah Sheh also urged everyone not to underestimate this summer, to stay hydrated whether working or exercising outdoors, and to stay within their own limits. Hung Tin Ming said, "That day were really very hot, some extras couldn't take it. Everyone should be careful and try to drink as much water as they can."

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