Wednesday, May 16, 2018


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The direcor and Louis Cheung surprise Chrissie Chau
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Earlier, Chrissie Chau Sau Na and Louis Cheung Kai Chung worked on the poster shoot for their film HOTEL SOUL GOOD (NUI WONG JONG DOH JING). The producer suddenly presented a birthday cake to celebrate Sister Na's birthday with the team, giving her quite a surprise. The 22nd would be Sister Na's actual birthday. When she got her first birthday cake this year that day, she did not expect to celebrate her birthday so far in advance. The day of the poster shoot happened to be the birthday of Sister Na's assistant. Sister Na prepared a birthday cake for her assistant to surprise her with, but the director, the producer and Ah Chung also prepared a cake for Sister Na for a double surprise!

Sister Na said that she has received a lot of cakes on past birthdays, one year she got over 20. To a dessert lover like Sister Na, holding back would be difficult. Thus one of her birthday wish was, "eating all I want without getting fat!" She would spend this birthday at work as well, but she not only had no complaint but also was very happy that everyone would celebrate with her. She felt that working on her birthday gave her even more positive energy and motivation to perform well. Last year was a harvest year for Sister Na. Her film 29+1 received many Hong Kong Film Award nominations. Sister Na was even nominated for Best Actress. Thu

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