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The 75th Cannes International Film Festival opened on the night of the 17th. 21 films would compete for the Palme d'Or award. The Donnie Yen Chi Tan produced and starred new film SAKRA (TIN LUNG BK BO ji KIU FUNG JUEN) also made its appearance at Cannes. Its latest concept poster was published on an internationally renowned entertainment publication on May 18th. The poster displayed the strong presence of the martial art heroics with unique Chinese ink art. Yen Chi Tan's new film SAKRA would be adapted on Louis Cha (Jin Yong)'s wuxia novel classic DEMI-GODS AND SEMI-DEVILS (TIN LUNG BAK BO). Yen Chi Tan would produce the film and also star in the title role Kiu Fung. This character was also one of the creator Jin Yong's favorite, the hero with the most sense of justice in DEMI-GODS AND SEMI-DEVILS, the symbol and the existence of a spiritual leader. The film would be about the Beggars' Gang leader Kiu Fung's destiny and background, through his strong determination he struggled through the martial art world of blades and swords and gradually transformed into the "strongest hero" who represented honor. In the film Kiu Fung's life and experience would thoroughly display his fearless heroic spirit, which would be the most international, all new interpretation. The film's Chinese title was written by the famous Mainland calligraphy artist Xu Jing. She has been the "official" calligraphy artist for Zhang Yimou films like HERO and SHADOW.

Chi Tan admitted that he took a few months to consider before taking the role. Wong Jing's sincerity moved him into working on the Wong Jing and Cheng Wai Man directed film. "Earlier I guest starred in NEW KUNG FU CULT MASTER as Cheung Sam Fung. Actually I wasn't the most satisfied with his production, so this time when he approached me I told him to let go and let me do it. He has seen me produce many movies before, so he was very relaxed and made this deal happen."

Chi Tan put a lot of thought into character designs of this classic wuxia novel adaptation. Earlier he and his wife Cissy Wang visited Dalian, Mount Qingcheng and other locations. Aside from spending time with his wife on the vacation, he also scouted location and did research for inspiration. "This time I really want to give the audience a new visual impact and capture a type of nostalgia that would preserve the original's flavor while able to meet what the current audience likes. So I spent a lot of time on character design, screenplay and kept studying history. Because one of the attraction of this classic wuxia novel was its connection to history. I hope to be able to handle everything."

Since the story would feature "Kiu Fung", lead female character "Ah Chu" has not yet been cast. Chi Tan has already made Wong Jing promise no "fake faced female star". "Acting ability has to come first for the lead actress, and the face has to be real. The appearance can't be very fake. Recognition instead isn't that important, as long as she can act and her aura is right then she is fine. (If no one in the industry would be appropriate, would you consider a recruitment?) Yes, now many top artists who are publicly recognized as good actors come from recruitment. So it would be a possibility."

The film will start production in July, then to other locations in Shanxi.

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