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Moses Chan shows off the bandage his daughter puts on him
Roger Kwok has been accused of being rude when he surprises Moses Chan and pulls his mask down

Adam Pak and Ron Ng
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Moses Chan Ho, Ron Ng Cheuk Hei, Adam Pak Tin Nam, Kenny Wong Tak Bun and others two nights ago attended their film BREAKOUT BROTHERS 3 (TOH YUK HING DAI 3) premiere, but Chan Ho had a cartoon bandage on the back of his right hand. He smiled and said, "When my daughter closed the car door for me, she closed it too soon and hurt me. I saw how guilty she felt. She almost wanted to cry, and immediately brought me a band aid for the wound. I told her that I had to shower and clean the wound before I could treat it. My daughter then waited all night before being able to put the band aid on me. It also is a band aid of love, the sweetness of which reached my heart. When I said her was about to cry I comforted her and said, 'Papa is fine'. (The daughter takes more to you?) Everyone does, all three have different personalities but they all are my angels."

Highly conscious of pandemic prevention, Chan Ho has never been without a mask. Earlier Roger Kwok Chun On pulled down his mask by force, which the internet blasted as impolite. Chan Ho said, "Don't yell at him. It was a friendly gesture from him, it was no ill intent. We became friends while working on BIG WHITE DUEL II. No one wore a mask during the interview, he didn't want to me to wear a mask in front of the audience. It's very minor. On Jai and I are good friends, that moment was only a little sudden. It wasn't awkward at all. If I minded at the time I would immediately put the mask back on." As the pandemic eased, Chan Ho that night also removed his mask for media photos. However he maintained social distance. At home he still would wear a mask to sleep. Ultimately he felt that at work he would come in contact with many people, safety came first.

Chan Ho in BREAKOUT played a prison warrant. Without any action scene, the role was more comfortable. He also forgot how long ago was his previous movie. He said, "Prison film is a classic Hong Kong subject, which reminded me of (Roy) Cheung Yiu Yeung. The one I played was different, a mild mannered and straight laced prison warrant. I hope it would make a special impression to everyone."

Ng Cheuk Hei and Pak Tin Nam spoke to the media together. Ng Cheuk Hei said that the BREAKOUT 3 tightly followed the sequel's release because the fifth wave of the pandemic delayed the sequel release. The third film was released as scheduled so the release dates were closer. It also enabled viewers to watch them all at once. Ng Cheuk Hei had more fight scenes with Wong Cheung Hing, instead he had no fight scene with Pak Tin Nam. He joked, "I like to fight with good fighters, perhaps they are afraid I would kill him?" Pak Tin Nam praised Ng Cheuk Hei for his professional fighting. "In one scene he punched me, I felt very comfortable as all I felt was a breeze. I asked him to really hit, but he said that not every punch had to land. As long as we got the feeling and the reaction then we were fine." Ng Cheuk Hei said that it was only a movie, he would try not to hurt others if possibly. However he has accidentally injured his co-stars. He also felt that punches and kicks were easier to control, but weapons were harder to grasp.

Speaking of TVB, ViuTV and Hong Kong Open Television all releasing major series at the same time and starting a television close combat battle, Ng Cheuk Hei felt that it was a good thing. The audience has been bored for too long. He recalled THE BUND's hit series era as it became the water cooler talk for viewers. Which side would he support? He said, "I would support the entire show business, television and film industries, because a movie or a series need hard work from many people to be able to be created." With a role in the ViuTV series INEVITABLE, was Pak Tin Nam confident about "winning in the end"?" He said, "Many people participated and performed, even if I wasn't confident in myself, I had confidence in other actors and directors. So the confidence would come from them."

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