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TRACING SHADOW (JUI YING) yesterday held a press conference in Beijing. Francis Ng Chun Yu, Pace Wu (Ng Pui Chi) and Dang ? Han not only performed an improvisation act on stage. They also sacrificed their blood as their fingers were bloody. They screamed, "I want to exceed 100 million!" Thus they created a blood letter with the words on the spot.

Because the film had a "Jiangnan Beauty Complete Guide", Dang ? Han joked that he was the philately star. Ng Pui Chi immediately clarified, "I have never been collected by any male star! I don't like male star!" Dang ? Han revealed that Chun Yu's Hong Kong and Taiwan star imitation was accurate. Chun Yu gave a live demonstration and performed Jackie Chan's song. He also imitated Andy Lau Tak Wa in concert and performed his classic FORGET LOVE WATER. After singing he did not forget to interact with the audience and pretended to protect fans. "Don't touch my fans!" Dang ? Han claimed that he was "Little Hong Kong's Little Shinyang." Chun Yu shouted, "Every press conference gets me into trouble! This time I also crossed Jackie Chan and Jet Li (Lee Nin Kit), from now on no one would approach me for movies!"

The film's theme song music video and poster are full of comic book flavor, which surprised both Ng Chun Yu and Ng Pui Chi when they saw them for the first time. Ng Pui Chi repeatedly interpreted the poster's slogan "I want". Her "whiniest voice in history" shook up both Ng Chun Yu and Dang ? Han. Actually Ng Pui Chi learned the line from Lin Chiling. She said, "At the time I called Lin Chiling and asked her to teach me how to say it. The most wonderful part was her voice forked at the end!" After making TRACING SHADOW Ng Pui Chi was predicted to take Lin Chiling's Taiwan top beauty position. She said, "To each its own! Don't say that, I still have to ride on planes that she is a spokesmodel for!"

At the end of the event, two ninjas brought a first aid kit and a scroll. The scroll had the words "I want" on it. The kit had a blood drawing needle. Dang ? Han wanted Chun Yu's blood letter of "breaking 100 million". Ng Pui Chi took the kit and played the nurse. Chun Yu never thought it was real. Dang ? Han prepared a bottle of "fresh blood" for Ng Chun Yu to write with. Chun Yu realized that it was Hero red ink and generously wrote the word 100 million.

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