Tuesday, July 7, 2009


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The film LAUGHING GOR ji BIN JIT yesterday continued to shoot in Tsim Sha Tsui. Aside from lead actor Michael Tse Tin Wa, Ron Ng Cheuk Hei and Sammul Chan Kin Fung also guest starred. Yesterday cops Ron and Sammul wrote a traffic ticket on the streets of Tsim Sha Tsui, Tse Tin Wah "showed his hands" and called for a dozen or more "brothers" to help. Tse Tin Wah even recorded the process and threatened the two police cadets that if they caused any more trouble they would be online. When Tse Tin Wa left, he tossed his lucky five dollar coin.

Ng Cheuk Hei expressed that he and Chan Kin Fung would only guest star for a day as Tse Tin Wah "threatened" them. Both said, "We didn't take any money. We want Hong Kong film to thrive so we don't care. We had a little fun and that's good enough." Ron said that originally he was not in the film, but days ago they received a notice for them to guest star. They were very happy. When asked whether they felt the role was too small, Ron expressed that it was already enough. Ng Cheuk Hei and Chan Kin Fung expressed that they really would like to work with Chau Sun but this time they did not have the chance. Earlier they have already worked with Ng Chun Yu. Chan Kin Fung said, "We are juniors and want to learn from working with Chau Sun."

Ng Cheuk Hei and Chan Kin Fung expressed that this was not their first film so they were no strangers to the production method. They also explained that their uniforms differed from their EMERGENCY UNIT series ones. The numbers were different too as the film did not deliberately mention them to be their characters in the series.

Tse Tin Wah expressed that this scene was the ending. When asked whether Ng Cheuk Hei and Chan Kin Fung were not revealed to be characters in the series, he said, "Because of incorrect time and space. To avoid confusion the audience, this time we only said that they were uniformed cops. They looked the part." Did he feel that Ng and Chan's roles were too small? Tse Tin Wah said, the film only had a little more than a hour. The size of the roles were to each its own. Some characters only had one shot. More and less screen time was not the most important.

Reportedly actors like Anthony Wong Chau Sun had a rather messy schedule that hindered the production progress. Tse Tin Wah said that Wong Chau Sun would have to answer that question. He went to work when he received a notice everyday so he was not sure whether it was messy. Reportedly Wong Chau Sun and Ng Chun Yu charged a hard 1.2 million salary, earlier Chau Sun's was rumored to be 2 million. Yet Tse Tin Wa only received 100,000 as the lead. Tin Wa laughed, "Some wrote 1.2 million, even 2 million, I don't know if anyone received over 10 million? Actually salaries were very confidential and would not be so easily found out." Did he mind that his salary was far from Chau Sun's? He said, "I couldn't be happier, it didn't write that I made 500." Tin Wa expressed that he did not dare to ask how much Chau Sun made because the amount was not the most important. He felt that it was just a topic that the media wrote about. He also said that he was very satisfied with his own salary.

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  1. Just wondering about the salary figures--are they in HK dollars or US dollars? If HK dollars, does this mean that Michael Tse only received $US 10,000 to star in the film?