Thursday, July 2, 2009


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Aaron Kwok Fu Sing earlier worked with first time director Roy Chow Hin Cheung and promoted their film MURDERER on Cable. Some even claimed that this film would be another Kwok Fu Sing breakthrough work.

Sing Sing was asked when his passion for film started? Sing Sing expressed that although he came from artist training, in the past 10 years he started to focus on his acting. As his intelligence and life experience were enriched, he had different ideas of grasping characters. Chow Hin Cheung even pointed out that Sing Sing in recent years has made many different attempts in film and left him with a deep impression. He said, "Kwok Fu Sing's eyes are very strong, very amazing, but this time his eyes had to be very dark. He was able to do it."

Sing Sing also praised the director for being fully prepared before the shoot. "He gave me a lot of books to study, one included Humphrey Bogart. He hoped that my expression could be as complex. In the end I spent a lot of time to consider the looks and moods repeatedly. The result was satisfactory."

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