Thursday, July 9, 2009


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The summer youth film HAPPILY EVER AFTER (HUNG SEUNG WOR NEI JOI YUT HEI) will be released at the end of August. Ken Hung Cheuk Lap, Michelle Wai (Si Nga), Chan Ka Lok in the film had many nature backdrops. While shooting in the hills of Kowloon, the director turned the location into Hung Cheuk Lap and Si Nga's spot on one hand and a snowy location on the other.

Hung Cheuk Lap expressed that when they shot an injury in the snow scene. He had to wear the full ski gear but actually the temperature was near 40 degrees Celsius. He wore a down jacket and pants as well as a wool hat. Lucky he did not suffer a heat stroke. After 15 minutes, he was already sweating. When he removed the gears he almost threw up due to the stench. "Si Nga and Chan Ka Lok sat in an air conditioned vehicle, enjoying a Popsicle and watching me suffer. What terrible friends they are."

Si Nga while working on a romantic scene with Hung Cheuk Lap on the hills ran into something strange. When she was resting in the vehicle, a group of children's laughter suddenly woke her up. When she opened the door, she did not see a single child. Si Nga said that the audience could see them in a romantic scene on the screen, but actually she was scared out of her mind and suffered bug bites all over.

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