Thursday, July 2, 2009


Life always has some impractical fantasy. The best mid air somersault performer of the Seven Little Fortunes, Yuen Wah once fantasized that he was Peter Pan. He did not just fantasized, he truly flew out of the ninth floor.

Ninth Floor Jump, Yuen Wah Lived

Then eyewitness Yuen Bun says, "That time Yuen Wah was doing flips. He said that he was Peter Pan, but he didn't notice that the window was open. Finally he flew out to the streets. It was the ninth floor, luckily downstairs a truck's canopy took some of the fall and saved his life. After he landed he darted back upstairs. Although Yuen Wah survived, his rear due to a scrap from the truck corner still has a dent to this date."

Yuen Wah was truly lucky to survive from this suicidal move. No one with a brain should follow suit, ultimately there is a price to pay for mischief. Seven Little Fortunes were arrested for fighting and were nearly thrown into jail. Fortunately finally a "heroine" came to their rescue.

A part of the fight, Second Brother Yuen Tai says, "That time Sammo, Yuen Bun and I were called 'baldy' on the streets so we fought. We even busted someone's nose. Finally the police dragged the whole lot back to the station and demanded to see our families. We called Yu So Chau! As soon as Sister arrived, the cop's eyes brightened. At the time Yu So Chau was already very famous. The cops saw her and worshipped her like a goddess. They chatted with Sister for awhile then released us. Sister didn't yell at us and she didn't dare to tell Master. She didn't want Master to get mad and hit people again."

Some people feared bald heads and hated bald kids for no apparent reason. Yuen Bun recalls, "Back then we went from the school to Lai Chi Kok Amusement Park. We would go one by one to catch a ride in Jordan. Every time we got to Jordan Road, someone would try a coin at our heads. We looked up and a group of long hair jerks were betting on the top floor to see who was more accurate. The winner would hit someone's head. Our skulls of course suffered, but they were so high up we didn't look for revenge. We picked up the coin and left!"

Insulted For Bald Head, Ran Into Enemies

Even thought Seven Little Fortunes back then suffered, years later they ran into their enemies again. Yuen Bun continues, "20 some years later, one day I was working on YOUNG AND DANGEROUS (GOO WAT JAI) and talked about this incident with Ng Chi Hung and Lee Siu Kei. They said, 'You were those bald kids who made me lose so much money back then, have you not had enough beating?' What a small world this is!" (18)

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