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Director Fruit Chan Gor and famous Taiwan screen writer Lin Chi Cheung both joined Stellar Entertainment. Chan Gor will be responsible for producing, directing and screen writing. Since making THREE 2: DUMPLINGS in 2004, Chan Gor has worked on a Mainland mobile phone film XIAN STORY, an U.S. independent film DON'T LOOK UP and tried a variety of production environments. After joining the new company, his first film will be KOWLOON CITY (LAU GAU SING), a story that has been in preparation for years and is based on Bruce Lee's youth.

The film will take place in the 50s Kowloon City, a lawless area where mobs ran rampant. Bruce Lee in his youth studied Wing Tsun with Master Ip Man under such an environment before his family sent him to the U.S. Chan Gor claimed to be a Bruce Lee fan, and the subject was both dramatic and commercial. The biggest difficulty would be finding someone to play the young Bruce Lee because at the very least he had to resemble him halfway. Martial art knowledge would be secondary. To find suitable choice, the company will recruit on three lands of both sides of the strait as well as globally. With the assistance of ace producer Terence Chang Ka Chun, he believed that the preparation should be very smooth.

Earlier Stanley Kwan Kam Peng was also interested in making a Bruce Lee film. Bruce Lee's master Ip Man also had two different film projects. Chan Gor was not worried about subject clash at all, since each person's production style was different. Stellar's top star Kelly Lin (Lam Hei Lui) was very happy to learn about Chan Gor's addition. She expressed that she has always liked Chan Gor's realistic style very much, in particular Qin Hailu's DURIAN DURIAN prostitute character. She has wanted to work with him for a long time. She believed that the chance would be greater now that they are in the same company. Chan Gor also praised her as an excellent actress. In the future they would definitely work together with a suitable character.

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