Thursday, July 23, 2009


Relationships come and go. Buddhist scriptures claim that an encounter in this life takes 500 returns in previous lives. Among Seven Little Fortunes, some still maintain close contact while some have lost communication. To the brothers who have been lost for years, perhaps one can only say they were not destined to be close.

Drama And Martial Art Genius, Retired Due To Broken Leg

Among the dozen or so brothers without any news, Yuen Man is the one who everyone misses the most. Yuen Biao says, "Yuen Man was a genius. He was great at somersaults, amazing in drama, he had the whole package. At age seven he was in the lead, as soon as he appeared he was already famous. Master treated him well, but he later couldn't develop in show business."

Everyone regret the genius was cut short. To this little brother who had a hard life, Yuen Bun sighs, "Yuen Man was the youngest and the smartest. He treated all over us very well and made the most money for the school. After he finished school, one year we went to perform in San Francisco with Chor Fung Ming. Several days before the show we went to a ranch for fun. Yuen Man accidentally fell over a horse and broke his leg. The doctor said that he couldn't walk for two or three months. In the end we had to get Yuen Tai who was in San Francisco to take his place. That injury had a huge impact on Yuen Man."

Who knows whether it was due to self blame or the accident determined the remainder of his life to be full of darkness, Yuen Man began to gradually drift away from the brothers. Yet even so, the brothers still missed him no less. Yuen Fai says, "Sometimes I would dream that Yuen Man came back. Every one of us brothers would hold him and keep crying because we really miss him."

King of Somersault, In Over His Head

Sharing a stage then but no connection now, they often sadly miss the past even more. Yuen Bun says, "One brother named Yuen Yum was able to perform somersaults while he was sitting, while he was laying down, he could do all kinds of variations and no one was better than him. Later one time he tried to do a flip but slip. Since then he developed a fear and never dared to do another one. Later one day he for some reason did it again, after he started he couldn't stop. His eyes and nose were all runny from it. All of us brothers had to team up before he would stop. I think he went overboard with his training. His whereabouts later was also unknown."

About the colleagues who were lost for years, Yuen Bun chooses to believe that they are hiding either in the city or in the wild, one day they will meet again. Yuen Bun says, "I wish that brothers and sisters who were lost for so many years, Yuen Man, Yuen Yum, Yuen Cheung, Yuen Chun, Yun Kwun, Yuen Kei, Yuen Lai, Yuen Pau, Yuen Sai, Yuen Fu, Yuen Chiu, Yun Gwun, no matter what the unpleasantness was, this year is the Seven Little Fortunes' Fiftieth Anniversary, on this rare occasion please hurry up and look for us. All of us brothers miss you very much." (34)

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