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Ken Hung Cheuk Lap and Michelle Wai (Si Nga) in HAPPILY EVER AFTER (HUNG SEUNG WOR NEI JOI YUT HEI) have a kiss scene, which the film company has enlarged for a bus ad. Their co-workers joked that they were kissing all over the streets. Hung Cheuk Lap said that the kiss was for the film but such a big kissing poster on the bus was rather embarrassing. They did not know before hand and he was very surprised when he suddenly saw fan messages on his blog.

When Si Nga and Ken shot this scene, they took two takes and were not embarrassed. The director thus suspected their relationship to be out of the ordinary. They even suggested to the director to turn the original peck on the cheek to a kiss. Si Nga explained that personally she, Ken and Ka Lok were very familiar. When they made DRESSAGE TO WIN she already gave her first onscreen kiss to Hung Cheuk Lap. This was already their third so they were not embarrassed. In addition their love was so deep in the film they could not possibly just kiss on the cheek.

Si Nga in the film took the initiative to kiss Ken, but in real life Ken resisted girls who do so unless she was his girlfriend. He pointed out that his first kiss took place in the living room. That night he went to the karaoke box all night with friends and everyone spent the night at his place. His friends took his room while he and the girl he liked slept in the living room. They very naturally started kissing and it was very romantic. Si Nga pointed out that her first kiss very simply happened in a cinema. It was nothing special.

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