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Known as the Chinese film "new generation trailblazer", director Pang Ho Cheung earlier was a guest at a forum for an exchange with fans and signed autograph for his new film TRIVIAL MATTERS (POR SI YI).

The complete Cantonese version of TRIVIAL MATTER was screened at the event. Earlier the Putonghua version did not have two stories, VIS MAJOR and TAK NGA.

About his work often being cut for its Mainland release, Pang Ho Cheung expressed that if he had to enter the Mainland market and he had to follow the "rules of the game". At the same time he expressed that if he liked it a lot, he would not deliberately make changes in order to enter the Mainland market. "This way it no longer is the look that you like, and the audience won't understand at first why you would make something like this."

Reportedly, Pang Ho Cheung this time brought two projects ABERDEEN (HEUNG GONG JAI) and WUI SAT GIU DIK NUI YUN JUI HO MING (THE SPOILED WOMAN HAS THE BEST LIFE) to look for financing in the Mainland.

Pang Ho Cheung in 2001 made his first full length feature YOU SHOOT I SHOOT (MAI HUNG PAK YUN), in 2003 his second MEN SUDDENLY IN BLACK (DAI JEUNG FU) won him the Best New Director Hong Kong Film Award. In 2004 BEYOND OUR KEN (GUNG JU FOOK SAU GEI) won the Best Screenplay Golden Bauhinia Award. In the same time the Tokyo International Film Festival held a personal exhibit for him. In 2006 he made ISABELLA, which was selected for Berlin International Film Festival competition and received the Best Music Silver Bear prize.

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