Wednesday, July 29, 2009


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Sandra Ng Kwan Yu and Wong Jing have not worked together in the past ten years. Recently they reunite for the film ON HIS MAJESTY'S SECRET SERVICE (DAI NOI MUK TAM LING LING GAU). Kwan Yu at first could not get into the role completely. Finally Brother Jing immediately "showed her the ropes" and told her to perform without too many concerns. Kwan Yu immediately returned to form as her expressions and movements were much more exaggerated than before. Finally she reached the desired result.

Barbie Hsu (Big S) was in a Wong Jing style comedy for the first time and was very nervous. Later she discovered that both Brother Jing and Kwan Yu were nice. Kwan Yu even taught her that for Wong Jing's films she must leave her sense of shame behind. Her expression had to be more exaggerated. The result indeed was right on the spot.

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