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The Michael Tse Tin Wa, Fala Chen, Anthony Wong Chau Sun, and Francis Ng Chun Yu starred new film LAUGHING GOR ji BIN JIT two nights ago got its ending at a Kowloon Bay factory building. In the story Chun Yu arranged for a trafficking truck for Tin Wa and Fala to escape, Chau Sun found out and went after them. They began a thrilling chase inside the factory.

TVB executive Elaine Lok Yi Ling two nights ago visited the set. Two nights ago was the Michael Jackson memorial, Tin Wa joked that Ms. Lok who wore Marc Jacob was a MJ fan. He said, "Let's ask Ms. Lok to dance like MJ. She is a MJ fan." Ms. Lok said, "You are the dance king, you should dance the moonwalk." Tin Wa immediately dragged in Fala and said, "If Ms. Lok doesn't dance then ask Fala to dance." Tin Wa expressed that the film would extend to the start of the television series. When asked about a fourth series, he said, "I don't know. I haven't heard anything yet. Maybe it's a secret. In addition research takes some time." As for working with two Best Actors, Tin Wa said, "I learned a lot of live improvisation. They paid a lot of attention to the other's behavior. Sometimes when I wasn't in a scene I would stay to watch them act." Have the two Best Actors yelled at him? Tin Wa said, "No, we are all mature actors. I am not a new comers. If I didn't get my marks right then I deserved to get yelled at."

Playing Laughing Soh Fala Chen was dressed conservatively. Instead support characters like Tracy Ip Chui Chui, Koni Lui Wai Yi and Sherry Chen Song stole her thunder. Chui Chui even appeared in her own private low cut clothing. Fala said that film and television were very different. Film had time for actors to properly study their characters. She praised Chun Yu and Chau Sun for taking great care of her, occasionally teaching her acting and brought her a lot of revelation. As for whether she was scolded, Fala said, "No, maybe because I am nice. Everyone concentrated on the film. Sometimes I would take the initiative to ask them questions and they would gladly teach me. I truly am appreciative of them." Chui Chui explained that she brought her own clothing because the costume did not fit. She said, "The original costume was too cute. Chau Sun asked me to change. Luckily I would bring more clothes with me. This time was the first time that I wore my own clothes for a role."

In addition, Tin Wa was excited about the film's release in Guangzhou and Beijing. He hoped that Hong Kong film would be able to pick up the glory of 80s. When reporters asked Ms. Lok, she joked that Tin Wa was excessively excited. "For now we are still in negotiation. Maybe he was excessively excited from seeing the trailer. We all hope that the film would be able to be released in the Mainland."

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