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Daniel Wu (Ng Yin Cho), William Chan Wai Ting, Alex Fong Chung Shun, Louis Koo Tin Lok and Lau Ching Wan two days ago attended the film OVERHEARD (SIT TING FUNG WON) photography exhibit opening ceremony. They arrived on a yacht.

Recently young models invaded the Book Fair, but Ng Yin Cho did not noticed and never discussed the subject with his model girlfriend Lisa S. Was he worried that they would take away jobs from his girlfriend? He believed that they would not because young models were not tall enough for the catwalk and different from models. Did he feel Angelababy can walk the catwalk? He asked Chan Ting Wai how tall Angelababy was and embarrassed him. Chan Ting Wai supported his rumored girlfriend and said, "Taller than you!" Ng Yin Cho then expressed that she could.

Fong Chung Shun said that the numerous young model news bored him. He joked that he would not eat ice cream and drink milk at events. He said that perhaps after becoming a father he was grumpier. He thought that young models were the most excessive when they were not writing cook book or health food book they were eating ice cream and drinking milk at the Book Fair. They were more suitable for the Food Fair. Thus he thought young models contributed to youth delinquency and were not too health. They gave people the impression that anyone who went out in a bikini could develop in show business. Although from the actor's angle to each its own, but the audience perspective it was uncomfortable. He would object to his daughter acting like that.

Goo Jai expressed that this film could be the most difficult in his film career. The worst part was he had to lose 20 pounds in three days for a car chase. The family passing scene also made him unhappy all day. Lau Ching Wan felt that the shoot was not too tough. Was he as romantic in reality as his proposal in the film? He said that he did not proposed romantically himself, only the film production required it. At home he already felt very romantic with looking at the scenery or taking walks, but not everyone could accept his romance. His old lady never praised him for it. Did they think they could win awards with this film? Goo Jai expressed that the credit of the entire film did not belong to him alone, so he never thought about awards. He would be very happy if the audience felt it was good. He expressed that he will work with Derek Yee Tung Sing on the new film CHEUNG WONG JI WONG (GUN KING OF KINGS).

Ching Wan also felt that awards were not important. He only wanted to make good Hong Kong films. Was he only making good movies? Ching Wan said, "I made less movies only because I want to spend more time with my family. I have been in the business for a long time already. I still haven't seen a lot around me clearly. Earlier after finishing MAD DETECTIVE (SUN TAM) I wanted to have time to look at the world. I don't have any plan, as long as I think it's fun then I would (make a movie). It's not to say what's good or not. (Are you in semi-retirement?) I still have to make a living, I absolutely am not in semi-retirement."

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