Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Like Mainland writer Yu Hua's novel BROTHERS, Jackie Chan who was bald when he was young was like the book's Baldy Lee. He peeked at woman's body, the result of course was the inevitable Yu Jim Yuen punishment. Young Jackie Chan like Baldy Lee peeked at woman not because of lust but actually because of curiosity.

Jackie Chan claimed innocence in this matter. If it coordinated with his autobiography I AM JACKIE CHAN's description, you would have a deeper understanding of the matter. Jackie Chan wrote, "You may think we are too naive, actually not knowing anything about men and women and sex. Even at that time, most 12 year old children had certain understanding of the male and female biological structure. Yet, we didn't go to school or have time to explore. In addition, who would resolve our curiosity? Thus most doubts about men and women we could only rely on ourselves to answer."

Examining Opposite Sex, Ends In Failure
Actual practice is the hard reason. Who does not learn from failures in the matter of men and women? Only Jackie Chan's mistake was beyond wrong. He says. "I already decided to get to the bottom of the matter between men and women. That day, (Corey) Yuen Kwai and I got a few buddy brothers and plotted. We didn't let Yuen Lung or other older brothers know because they would heartlessly scoff at our folly. 'Hey, hurry and turn around.' Yuen Kwai said as he pushed forward for a clearer look. I immediately pushed him from behind. At that time Yuen Kwai already saw the face of the girl who was bathing."

Who was this girl? The answer made Jackie Chan "dare not have any thought of female for a long time after the failure of this opposite sex understanding exploration adventure".

"'God! It's Si Mo.' Yuen Kwai trembled and whispered to us. Yet Si Mo already heard the voice. In order to scare us off, she began to scream. The next day, Yuen Kwai and I trained as usual, but not because our bruises have already healed. It was because yesterday we got a spanking and training while seated hurt even more."

Blasphemy, Endless Consequences>
Women sometimes are indeed very holy, impurity against them was like blasphemy. The result was asking for trouble. Jackie Chan says, "I have tried to put the school's spirit tablets and statues on the ground and wiped them with wet cloth. It's much quicker than using a feather duster, but then for days I made mistakes in my performance: falling off the stage, hanging a pair of jeans on the banner, fake beard on fake beard that reached the ground, crushing my hand on the table. Fortunately, with the injured hand I didn't have to train."

While training could wait, fortune seldom repeats. Jackie Chan wrote in his autobiography, "After repeated mistakes, Master pushed me in front of the altar and gave me 20 lashes. That night I had a hard time finding a sleeping posture that did not touch the wound. I stared at the altar and asked, 'Now are we even?'" (37)

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