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Best Actress Shu Qi with her fear of heights had to struggle with her co-star on a two stories tall cargo truck, jump from high above and hanging onto the cargo in mid air. Before the shoot Shu Qi was screaming and patting her chest to calm her nerves, but in the end the wire still injured her, she got bruised from all the bumping around and finally had to end the shoot early.

Shu Qi, Aaron Kwok Fu Sing, Collin Chou Siu Lung two nights ago worked on their new film CHUEN SING GAI BEI (CITY WIDE ALERT) in Tseung Kwan O. The team used a giant crane, cargo truck and several dozen cars. Shu Qi and Chou Siu Lung who was in special effect make up struggled on the two stories tall cargo. With her fear of heights Shu Qi was already on wires but still screamed with fright when she stepped on top of the cargo. "I am so scared! It's so high up!" Director Benny Chan Muk Sing asked both to jump from high above. Shu Qi repeatedly patted her chest and screamed for courage. She even screamed as she jumped, luckily they only needed a few takes to complete the scene.

Yet Shu Qi still could not breathe a sigh of relief because she had to shoot a hanging onto the cargo scene. Shu Qi only supported her body with her arms as her legs dangled in the air. Below several dozen cars traversed and the scene was very dangerous. However Shu Qi insisted on doing the stunt herself, even during the tests. She was very professional. She even made faces to ease the tension.

During the shoot, the wires tightly held onto Shu Qi. Her legs kept knocking against the truck, but she still insisted on completing the scene. After she got off the truck she was limping while feeling her left shoulder. The crew immediately gave her a shoulder massage while the director sent her home early.

Sing Sing also personally performed a scene in which a car ran him over. Sing Sing said about Shu Qi's injury, "This production has been pretty tough, even I got hurt! My left arm was caught in the wire, not much I could do about the bruise. My Taiwan concert is coming up, I can only keep applying ointment." Chan Muk Sing also praised Shu Qi's professionalism. "She has never jumped from so high up, and she was afraid of heights too. She didn't know (the shoot) would be like this before, she accepted it. She truly is a good actor."

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