Thursday, July 16, 2009


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Michael Hui Koon Man earlier accepted a Satellite television film channel site interview. He was asked whether the Hui Brothers will have another chance to work on a film together. Hui Koon Man said, "Unless we can find some new subject, the chance will not be great." He even revealed, "Right now Sam is enjoying his peaceful and quiet life in retirement. Ah Ying prefers the stage more. Neither of them is too interested in participating in another film!"

As for the declining word of mouth for Stephen Chow Sing Chi's movies, Hui Koon Man defended Sing Yeh. "Earlier I ran into a similar situation, but if great work will arise in the future others won't talk about that. We as film people often wish for innovation, to jump out of the existing frame. The process may not be able to grasp what the audience wants. However, Sing Yeh is someone who dares to innovate and try, I feel that such criticism is normal." As for the Hui Brothers' second generation, Michael felt that Sam's older son Ryan has a personality that is suitable for show business development.

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