Wednesday, July 22, 2009


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The Aaron Kwok Fu Sing starred MURDERER (SAT YUN FAN) after 13 days in release passed the 10 million mark at the box office. Director Roy Chow Hin Yeung and Sing Sing thanks the cast and crew for their effort. The director wished that Sing Sing could win Best Actor again with this film.

Sing Sing thanked for the audience for its support and was very happy about such a good box office performance in less than two weeks in release. He hoped to be able to enjoy this result later with the team and wished for the box office to continue to climb. Yam Jan Yut who plays Sing Sing's son is one of the film's focus. Actually Sing Sing took place on casting that day and Tam Jan Yut caught his eyes right away. Chow Hin Yeung praised this child as very smart and has very strong memory. He could memorize three pages of dialogue without missing a word. In one scene Sing Sing threw him into the sea, so he went for swimming lesson. He was able to swim in three days. Although he still cried after being thrown into the water, he was fine afterward and even continued to perform. The child also often joked about wanting a wife very badly.

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