Tuesday, July 7, 2009


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The TVB Ming Oi charity show will take place on Saturday. Yesterday a press conference was held in Tsim Sha Tsui. Attendees included Kay Tse On Kay, Susanna Lui San, Lau Ying Hung, Little Tigers, Mr. and Albert Au Shui Keung. Raymond Lam Fung came in support.

Lam Fung expressed that at the end of the month he and Tse On Kay will work together on the film LUEN OI TAT YUN while at the same time he would work on a modern TVB series. He expressed that he has never worked with Tse On Kay. Earlier they only met at award shows and chatted. Lam Fung just completed his concert. He expressed that his physical condition would not be affected and he could coordinate the time. Lam Fung honestly said that he has not made a film in eight years, the last one was with Rain Li Choi Wa in STOLEN LOVE (BIT LUEN). He hoped that his return to the big screen would mean that his acting has improved. Earlier when he rehearsed for his concert, he seemed to hint that work was too tough. Now he had to make a movie, did he feel that he was in a difficult place? Lam Fung said, "No, I don't have any depression. This is the company's arrangement. Actually I have stress from wanting to do well in everything. Later I have to prepare for my second record."

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