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The Thursday release MURDERER two nights ago held its premiere and celebration at Central. Many industry insiders showed their support. Sing Sing's performance in the film received many artist praises, but lead actor Aaron Kwok Fu Sing's rumored girlfriend Lynn Xiong (Hung Doi Lam) did not attend.

The Kwok Fu Sing and Janine Chang Chun Ning starred MURDERER held its grand premiere two nights ago. Leo Ku Kui Ke, Dior Cheng Yi Kin, Grasshoppers, Josie Ho Chiu Yi, Chan Chi Chung, Nancy Sit Ka Yin and her daughter Shek Yau San, Maggie Cheung Ho Yi, Fruit Chan Gor and William Chang Suk Ping came in support. The guests after the premiere attended the celebration, as the actors, director Roy Chow Hin Cheung, writer To Chi Long and others raised their glasses for a toast. The event made special arrangement for a $20,000 watch to be the prize of a lucky drawing, which Sing Sing's good friend Chang Suk Ping won.

As for his good friends Julian Cheung Chi Lam and Hung Doi Lam's absence, Sing Sing said that the company was responsible for guest invitation. He said, "I of course would like all my friends to come, but Chilam just left Hong Kong and some friends are not in Hong Kong. (Is Lynn not in Hong Kong?) I don't know, I don't know what she is doing!" Sing Sing said that during the shoot he had nightmares, recent promotions reminded him of them. He said, "In order to leave the character, after the shoot I left Hong Kong to race car and relax. Yet my friends like Shum Ka Wai and Cheung Chi Lam noticed that I was strange! My mood wouldn't settle." As for his female friends, Sing Sing stressed that at the time he rarely saw them. Since he only had one or two days off during the shoot, he mainly met with his good friends and relaxed.

Reporters jokingly asked was he afraid of scaring his female friends, Sing Sing reiterated that he only met with his friends to leave the character. He did not see a psychiatrist. He joked, "I don't need to, I know how to leave. This character is an exhausting character, one that I have never played before. Turning from a cop to a murder suspect, the process in between was quite a struggle!" Many who have seen the film felt that he could win Best Actor again, Sing Sing honestly said, "I have always looked for breakthrough in acting, awards remained secondary."

Earlier linked to him in rumors, lead actress Chang Chun Ning attended the premiere and the party. Sing Sing learned that his friend had to return to Taiwan next morning for work and asked her to meet him in August during his Taipei concert. He would instead play the host and take her to hot pot casserole. Was he afraid of rumors? Sing Sing said, "No! We both love hot pot casserole! (Are you afraid that Lynn would mind?) No one would mind dining with a friend!" As for whether he would dine with Lynn, Sing Sing smiled and left in a hurry.

MURDERER's Ho Chiu Yi praised the film as stimulating as the film almost took her breath away. As for her own performance, she said that she was average. As for William So Wing Hong's praise of her, Chiu Yi admitted that the character was hard to play. She said, "This character had a lot of turbulence, which I never tried before. Other actors' emotions in each scene were opposite of mine, I thought it was hard to play but I never thought about winning any award." Chiu Yi revealed that the director asked her not to reveal the ending, so she did not even tell her husband Chan Chi Chung. After watching he also praised the film. Earlier their marriage was rumored to have problems, two nights ago they appeared separately. Chiu Yi stated that they did not have any problem. She said, "We are OK! (Did he move back home?) A long time ago!"

Several insiders praised Sing Sing and Chiu Yi. So Wing Hong said that he was pleasantly surprised after watching. He said, "This was Chiu Yi's best performance. With Putonghua lines she was very 'appropriate'. Sing Sing had a great breakthrough. After AFTER THIS OUR EXILE, DIVERGENCE he reached a second level, like SEVEN he was completely spent!" As for Sing Sing's Best Actor chances, Hong Jai said that he absolutely had them and said that the scene in which Sing Sing was shaking on the floor was the hardest to perform."

Sit Ka Yin said, "I haven't watched Sing Sing's acting in a long time. He put a lot of effort into his work. The film's later internal struggles were difficult to play. This film would have a chance to win at film festivals!" She said that the child actor performance was great and the first time director also deserved the credit. Chan Gor also felt that Sing Sing's character was hard to play.

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