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The Wong Jing directed WONG GOK GAM YUK (MONGKOK PRISON) yesterday held a production start ceremony in Causeway Bay. Actors Nick Cheung Ka Fai, Monica Mok Siu Kei, Natalie Meng Yao, Liu Kai Chi and others attended. Paw Hee Ching who plays Ka Fai's mother did not attend. Ka Fai expressed that in the film he went to prison for 30 years in his youth for a crime that he did not commit. After release he had a personality split. Meng Yao plays a mentally deficient farm girl and Mok Siu Kei plays her sister.

Cheung Ka Fai yesterday wore a fake beard, tattoo and gold chain in a mobster look. He expressed that earlier he went to Portland Street and Shanghai Street to study the tattoo thugs' speech and mannerism for his own creative inspiration. Was he paid Best Actor salary this time? He said, "It's reasonable." Wong Jing pointed out that this time Ka Fai played from the beginning to the end as his role was very important. Did Wong Jing feel it would be an award winning film for Ka Fai? He said, "I too hope Ka Fai will have a chance." Earlier Shing Fui On reportedly was hospitalized for cancer. Wong Jing expressed that he just returned to Hong Kong and was not too certain. He only knew that he had some health issue. Earlier Ka Fai was caught visiting the hospital. At first he only said, "I visited a friend, but that friend doesn't want to say too much. He doesn't want any speculation." After reporters pressed him further he revealed that he actually visited Shing Fui On. "Because he doesn't want too much coverage. As a visitor I don't want to say too much either. I only wish he would properly rest. Last time I saw him he was very mischievous, his spirit appears to be OK. He is very tough." When asked whether Big Silly is much thinner, Wong Jing cut in, "Don't talk about that too much."

Ka Fai expressed that even though he was busy with making movies he still took time to be with his daughter, but as she grew up she would constantly behaved like a spoilt child. He joked that sometimes he would want to rip her arm off. Wong Jing said, "Actually Ka Fai really loves his daughter. Earlier when we discussed the script he asked me to go to his house. He spent time with his daughter while discussing. Sometimes he would take her to work with him." Ka Fai revealed that in the film he would have some intimate scenes with Mok Siu Kei, but they would not be anything excessive. Meng Yao yesterday looked much slimmer. She said, "In the film I play a farm girl with only the intelligence of a 6 to 8 year old child. All of my lines are in Mandarin. However I lost over ten pounds for the character because I have to play a very innocent, poor and naive feeling." She said that on camera she would try to wear little to no make up, but friends said that she was decent without make up. Would she have any sexy scene? She said, "The sunbathing on the beach scene is pretty sexy, but the hardest scene is urinating on the streets."

Mok Siu Kei expressed that earlier she and Ka Fai already worked on a bed scene. She praised Ka Fai as a gentleman and would teach her how to perform so she would be at ease. She said, "Earlier I shot a seductive scene in tube top and hot pants on the streets of Mongkok. Many people were on the streets and took pictures with their phones. Of course I wasn't at ease because it was very daring. Next time I wouldn't dare to go there."

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