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Kay Tse On Kay
Maggie Siu Mei Kei

Chrissie Chau Sau Na
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William Chan Wing Ting and Vincy Chan (Wing Yi)
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Kay Tse On Kay, Maggie Siu Mei Kei, Vincy Chan (Wing Yi), William Chan Wai Ting, Lok Wing, Auyeung Ching and Chrissie Chau Sau Na yesterday attended the new film SEI SUN SOR LIU (DEATH GOD GETS SILLY). Kay was late due to a stomach infection. She expressed that she has been ailing for five days and now has to stay away from fatty and greasy food.

Wing Yin in the film has many action scenes and even has a bed scene with Chubby (Siu Fay). She said, "I am not afraid of getting hurt. The bed scene with Siu Fay stops at the spot. Since I am not too familiar with him I am afraid that it may get embarrassing." Chan Ting Wai expressed that he needed to play mahjong in the film. His mother has been giving him lessons for days. He joked that it was the first time his mahjong loving mother was so tense about his work. Siu Mei Kei and Louis Fan Siu Wong play a couple. When asked about working with a group of young actors, she said, "I have done all my homework and would try to remember them all. My deepest impressions are Auyeung Ching and Chau Sau Na. I believe Chau Sau Na is very pretty and in great shape." Reporters joked that she and Fan Siu Wong seemed to be in an older woman, younger man relationship. She said that in the film they would be like Yeung Gor and Dragon Maiden in Louis Cha (Gum Yung)'s novel.

Chau Sau Na's friend Kama Law Hoi San questioned her figure and hinted that she had plastic surgery. She claimed that Kama was still her friend. "We have worked together many times. We are considered friends. I didn't hear her in person so I don't believe she would say that. Everyone has watched me grow. My figure has truly improved because when I have time I would go to the slimming center for treatment. Sometimes it may be a clothing angle issue, maybe because the chest is my positive so many people pay attention."

[ ED. NOTE: alternative titles for this article included "Chrissie Chau is naturally big" and "Kay Tse is late with the runs". Hong Kong media really have their priority straight. ]

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