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Earlier Jackie Chan reportedly would work with top Hollywood star Will Smith on the film KARATE KID. Yesterday the film finally held a press conference in Beijing to announce its official production start. The film titled KUNG FU KID will be a Columbia Pictures and China Film Group co-production. Will Smith will produce and his son Jaden Smith will play Jackie Chan's disciple in the film. The director will be Harald Zwart.

Jackie Chan expressed that three years ago he met with Will Smith at a Japanese restaurant. They exchanged greeting and Will Smith even expressed that he had a script for him. At the time he agreed right away. Later his U.S. manager truly brought the script to him. After discussing it for awhile, Jackie Chan personal went to the U.S. and Will Smith came to Beijing to talk in details. Finally the film has officially announced its production start.

In the film Will Smith's son will play Jackie Chan's disciple. Jackie Chan will play a karate master. In the story they both search for the kung fu dream. This film was based the U.S. film THE KARATE KID. Jackie Chan decided to take the role because the film was touching and he could instruct a guy who had absolutely no knowledge of Chinese kung fu.

Jackie Chan also cut his hair short for the film. Someone also foretold that short hair would bring him back luck. 24 years ago Jackie Chan also fell to his death in Yugoslavia. At the time he suffered a head injury and coincidentally he just cut his hair. Thus he swore never to cut his hair short again. This time he was willing to cut his hair short and rarely showed the scar near his right ear. Jackie Chan will also grow facial hair for the role.

Jackie Chan was very happy to be able to bring the U.S. production team to the Mainland. The team alone already had over 60 people, some even will bring their families. He hoped through this cooperation to bring more foreign financing to the Mainland and to introduce Chinese culture, which were what Jackie Chan wanted to do the most.

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