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If Doreamon appeared at the Man Wai building in the 60s, "he" definitely would have been Seven Little Fortunes' favorite. Because that time machine can bring Seven Little Fortunes into the future. Actually each Seven Little Fortune had a time machine in his or her heart, as they often wished to wake up to adulthood from a childhood dream.

Seven Little Fortunes lived in an adult world. Master, Si Mo and Master Uncle were in constant contact; when they went to dance halls and Lai Chi Kok Amusement Park to perform, most of the audience were adults; the officials, businessmen and bosses who they met were also adults. Adults' without restriction, indulgent lifestyles was the endless envy of Seven Little Fortunes. Finally they turned bad before they were grown, sneaking cigarettes and learning to chase girls.

Jackie Chan Stole Cigarette

While studying at the China Drama Academy, in less than half a month, all the seven year old children got wise beyond their years. As Leung Sing Po sang, "Carry a big cigar, pretending to be the manager". Back then Sammo Hung Kam Bo, Jackie Chan, Yuen Wah and other mischievous children saw Si Mo enjoying a cigarette after dinner could not care less about endangering their health. Taking a drag was more important. Jackie Chan due to smoking secretly ended up in a brutal beating from the Master Yu. Actually that time he was framed.

Jackie Chan recalls, "Everyone was stealing cigarettes on the table, the Master of course noticed! I was smart, I stole it in Si Mo's room, which no one would know about. Later Master discovered that someone was secretly smoking and took turn to beat one after another. Each received ten lashes as he conducted the interrogation. Yuen Mo dishonorably exposed me, Master asked me which hand stole and which hand smoked, and said that I stole cigarettes off the table. Then I realized that Master was talking about the cigarettes that Hung Kam Bo stole and not Si Mo's. Like that I was framed."

A cigarette caused a lot of trouble for the Seven Little Fortunes. In order to avoid the Master's detection, they stirred up a lot of trouble. Yuen Qiu says, "Several brothers were smoking, the Master suddenly arrived. Out of options they could only put the cigarettes in the drawer, which ended up being set on fire." Even so, this group of misfits still did not learn their lesson. They did not retaliate when they were beaten, but they just kept on smoking. Yuen Wah says, "I already started sneaking smokes when I was little and always ended up with a beating from the Master. Yet I kept smoking, I thought my apprenticeship would end soon. You could only hit me for a few more years!"

Peeping At Dance Escorts

In puberty, Seven Little Fortunes could not avoid the hormones. Whether they wanted to prove that they were adults or they truly were in puppy love, they all longed for a taste of romance. Yuen Qiu says, "Back then being at the school everyday, many pairs were fond of each other. However everyone truly was too afraid of the Master so none dared to date. In addition every night we worked so night at the Lai Chi Kok Amusement Park that we were in no mood to develop anything."

Everyone is curious, particularly the boys of Seven Little Fortune. Their interest in the body of the opposite sex was inevitable. Yuen Qiu continues, "Back then when we performed at the dance halls, we weren't the only performers. They also had magicians, strippers, some of the boys went to 'peep' at the strip routines." Smoking, chasing girls, peeping at strippers.....all became part of the male Seven Little Fortunes' growth experience. (19)

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