Wednesday, December 2, 2015


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Lillian Chan, Vincy Chan, Sherman Chung
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Tony Wong Yuk Long, Frankie Lam Man Lung, Vincy Chan (Wing Yi), Sherman Chung Shu Man, Ma Wing Shing and Albert Yeung Sau Sing yesterday attended a Qiandao Lake, Hangzhou and Jademan Superstar Culture Creative Amusement Park project investment agreement signing press conference. Man Lung described the project as both real estate and entertainment, he hoped that after the signing everything will go smoothly. He revealed that he has invested in Mainland property but wanted to take one step at a time. Speaking of his entertainment company's plan to make its second film early next year, he said that the script and the casting had changes. In addition earlier in the Mainland he met many industry insiders, so he might work on a new alliance project first. Aaron Kwok Fu Sing announced his new romance with a 27 year old model Moka Fang online, Man Lung said that earlier when he finished working on COLD WAR 2 (HONG JIN 2) with him he could already sense his joy. He felt that the age distance was not a problem, as few could tell that Sing Sing was already over 50. The most important would be their state of mind and communication. He also said that Sing Sing never announced his romance, he hoped that he would truly have good news.

Wong Yuk Long revealed that he planned to invest 800 million yuan. The amusement park will be related to his comic books, animation and films. He planned to work with superstars and comic book creators around the world. He said that for now he could not reveal too many details since he did not want anyone to steal his ideas. He pointed out that the Mainland policy promoted consumer spending, giving the park a great future. Yet finding an ideal location was the most difficult. Now that the national five A scenic area Qingdao Lake has been confirmed, he hoped to build a similar park in Hong Kong.

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