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FROM VEGAS TO MACAU 3 continues to grow its cast with Jacky Cheung and Andy Lau
KUNG FU PANDA will be released simultaneously with the U.S. on January 23 in China but in Hong Kong in March
Sing Girls Kitty Zhang, Jelly Lin, Stephen Chow, Deng Chao, Show Lo and Kris Wu show off their MERMAID artwork
Deng Chao goes to the police and brings out the mystery
Sing Yeh recycles the man in a woman's disguise trick but the audience still laughs
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Show Lo claims to be the real Saint of Gamblers in his dubstep video
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Stephen Chow Sing Chi after JOURNEY TO THE WEST: CONQUERING THE DEMON (SAI YAU GONG MOR PIN)'s 1.248 billion RMB box office in the Mainland that kept it the Mainland Lunar New Year box office champion so far returned this year to direct MERMAID (MEI YUN YU) after 3 years of preparation to celebrate the Year of the Monkey. He will face the Aaron Kwok Fu Sing and Gong Li starred THE MONKEY KING 2 (SAI YAU GEI ji SUEN NG HUNG SAM DA BAK GWUT JING), 4 great superstars Chow Yun Fat, Andy Lau Tak Wa, Jacky Cheung Hok Yau and Nick Cheung Ka Fai starred FROM VEGAS TO MACAU 3 (DOH SING FUNG WON III) and the animation KUNG FU PANDA 3 to challenge his own Lunar New Year box office record. Yesterday Sing Yeh led the "invincible gang" of MERMAID actors to begin its first round of promotion, symbolizing Sing Yeh's box office draw was invincible.

Yesterday he felt a "MERMAID ONLY YOU" theme press conference in Beijing to announce the poster and the trailer. Sing Yeh led his "invincible gang" members Deng Chao, Show Lo, Kris Wu and two generations of Sing Girls Kitty Zhang Yuqi and Jelly Lin Yun in attendance. Over 100 media outlets covered the event.

Despite the strong competition, Sing Yeh was full of confidence. He did not reveal too much about each person's character at the press conference and only provided "invincible" as a theme and a symbol for his box office draw. Describing himself as the invincibly handsome popular Little Fresh Meat Kris Wu Yifan said to Sing Yeh, "I am very emotional to be able to work with my childhood idol." He added, "However I am still a child now!" Sing Yeh and Wu Yifan got along famously so he did not mind, "Actually he isn't just invincibly handsome, when he came to the audition he played a rich kid bully and a convulsing character. He was quite in character when he played having a convulsion!"

Sing Yeh also said that young Mainland actor Deng Chao had a great sense for comedy, praising him as a new generation king of comedy. Show Lo was a comedy atom bomb and had a lot of explosiveness. Deng Chao was very happy. He asked Sing Yeh, "I didn't hear clearly just now, and I am afraid that the reporters didn't get it, what did you praise me for?" He even kissed up to Sing Yeh and said that he was bleeding Sing Yeh's blood. Each comedy actor would have it too. Sing Yeh was the only King of Comedy.

Zhang Yuqi said that in her eyes Sing Yeh was the founding fresh meat, the little fresh meat with the longest expiration date. They then each showed their artistic abilities and drew their impression of mermaids. They also announced that MERMAID has been scheduled for a February 8 2016 Lunar New Year's Day release and will have 2D and 3D versions in its nationwide release.

Before Show Lo appeared, he grabbed Sing Yeh to play with the Dubstep App to test their lip syncing. Piggy was full of expressions while Sing Yeh remained silent throughout. He bit his finger to play lost and stole the show with his eyes alone. Piggy of course had to admit defeat.

In the trailer Deng Chao reported to the police that a mermaid kidnapped him. He even described it as "half human, half fish mermaid". Then the camera turned to a mermaid that rose from the bathtub, but it was a fat man in a mermaid disguise. Despite being an old Sing Yeh trick, it already had the audience clapping and laughing.

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