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Sean Lau appears to talk little but his wife Amy Kwok thinks he nags on and on
Leo Ku performs the film's theme song
Paulyn Sun says her boyfriend Olivier gets along well with her sons
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Sean Lau Ching Wan, Gordon Lam Ka Tung, Paulyn Sun Kai Kwan, producer Derek Yee Tung Sing, director Lo Chi Leung two nights ago attended the film THE MURDERER VANISHES (SIU SUT DIK HUNG SAU) premiere in Hung Hom. The theme song performer Leo Ku Kui Ke also appeared. Ching Wan's wife Amy Kwok Oi Ming and Sun Kai Kwan's French boyfriend Olivier also showed their support. The director revealed that he received many complaints from Ching Wan's co-stars that he was very cool and very arrogant because he never chatted with others on the set. Actually he had poor memory so he hid to memorize the script. This time Ching Wan changed a lot, on the set he kept chatting with people.

Later Ching wan admitted that people have said that about him. He felt that the director wanted him to be more tolerant, but he has always been like this. Ka Tung praised Ching Wan as nice. Ching Wan joked that he has always been very nice, he just did not speak much. He helplessly said, "I am here to make a movie, not to make friends online." Has his wife complained about him saying so little? He joked that his wife instead complains about how much he nags.

Speaking of Aaron Kwok Fu Sing's relationship announcement, would Ching Wan congratulate him? He said, "This is his personal matter, I should give any opinion. As long as they are happy they are fine, it really has nothing to do with me." Sing Sing's COLD WAR 2 (HONG JIN 2) co-star Ka Tung congratulated Sing Sing. Was he envious that Sing Sing was able to find a sexy 27 year old girlfriend? Ka Tung said, "A 27 year old of course makes people feel jealous! I won't comment on the subject of sex though." Ching wan and Ka Tung starred in TVB series THE GREED OF MEN and TIME BEFORE TIME, both were nominated for the Most Popular Classic Series at the TVB Anniversary Awards. Ka Tung said, "THE GREED OF MEN can't lose! (You are admitting defeat so soon?) It can't lose, but it doesn't mean I won't have an award! (If you win will you attend?) Are they giving away TVB Buddy again? I am OK with that, the series is still popular with the audience now. I should be happy." Ching Wan said that the credit for the popularity of the series should go to Wai Ka Fai. As for whether he will attend, he would not mind.

Sun Kai Kwan made a sacrifice for art in the film as she cut her hair to only half a centimeter long. She said, "I am very happy that the director asked me to cut it, otherwise I definitely wouldn't cut it so short. (Are you worried that your boyfriend would see this look at the premiere?) When I met him my hair was only half a centimeter long. I have asked him a few times whether he liked me with long or short hair. He said that he liked me for me, not my hairstyle." She and her boyfriend have dated for a year already. When will they wed? She said, "Ask him! (Has he dropped any hint?) Absolutely, everyone would think about the future." She also said that if her boyfriend proposed he must have a ring for her to agree. She also revealed that her boyfriend got along well with her son. Sometimes they would even team up against her.

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