Thursday, December 17, 2015


Yip Chi Keung, Pang Kin Sun, Jaime Chik, Alan Tam (right)
As Jaime Chik works on a set, Alan Tam and Ah Keung pose for mischievous photos
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Alan Tam Wing Lun insists against retiring as he continues to have fun in show business. Aside from being busy with the Wynners' Lunar New Year concerts, Alan even worked on the Lam Chiu Wing directed film GONG WU HEI KET (MOB COMEDY).

Although he constantly had to work over night and attend meetings for the concert the next day, Alan remained in a state of high energy. Everyday he went to work with a smile, which made others smile with him.

Yesterday the film's lead actress Jaime Chik Mei Chun worked with an actress who played a female cop at Central. Alan visited the set with Wynners members Yip Chi Keung and Pang Kin Sun to cheer her on. Working in the cold weather, Alan brought everyone warmth. He even gave a lot of production advice on the set. Thus after the principal, Alan could be called Director Tam as well!

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