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Justin Cheung, Jeana Ho, Gregory Wong
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Jeana Ho talks her way out of mediator into aggressor
Gregory Wong cannot be more arrogant as he mercilessly throws shades
No "sour grapes" for Jacquelin Chong as she reveals that she is not invited to the production start ceremony
Gloria Wong
Bernice Liu
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Gregory Wong Chung Hiu earlier posted an "extra comment" and upset colleague Jacquelin Chong Si Man. Later due to the film THE MENU (DOH FOR SUN MUN SIN)'s costume and scheduling they started a war of words. Chong Si Man even publicly cried for justice and accused Wong Chung Hiu of ruining her livelihood. Boss Stephen Shiu Jr. called for meetings with them later and thought that the matter has come to a close. Yet THE MENU yesterday held a production start event, Jeana Ho Pui Yu who stated that she and Wong Chung Hiu were not "close friends" suddenly allied herself with Wong Chung Hiu against Chong Si Man who was not invited to attend.

Chong Si Man two nights ago attended a night spot event with Gloria Wong Yun and Bernice Liu (Ha Wai Yu) and was asked if she would attend THE MENU's worship ceremony yesterday, she revealed that the company did not notify her. "Without being invited I wouldn't attend. (Do you feel you are undervalued?) Maybe they don't want any more trouble, it's understandable. (Would you be upset?) No! I am a guest star so it doesn't matter. (Wong Chung Hiu said that you have scenes together and told you to familiarize yourself with the script!) I read it again and didn't see any, after work everyone would know whether we have any." Was she afraid that she would get mad for real if they had scenes together? She said, "It doesn't matter, if so I would be mentally prepared."

Yesterday at the ceremony, Chong Si Man indeed did not appear. Jeana said that the title should be JEUK FOR SUN MUN SI (NEWS LINE ON FIRE) and jokingly asked the boss why his promotion did not include her. "It's more fun with three people! (If it's real then what?) Then I would mediate! I would do my best! (Chong Si Man was not notified to attend?) She just doesn't want to steal my thunder!" Wong Chung Hiu passed by and said, "You are an actor, you have to protect yourself. Don't do any bad promotion. (The boss says it's promotion!) Today's production start is promotion." Jeana said, "Then the box office will definitely be good!" When asked if the earlier THE GIGOLO (NGAP WONG) rumors were real, she said, "That time was all real!"

Later, Wong Chung Hiu said, "The defense hasn't appeared yet, we have to score first. I believe it's within control. (Chong Si Man says that she was not notified about the production start.) Not my problem!" He turned around and asked Jeana, "Why would you do when you run into despicable people?" Jeana answered, "Tolerate, be gracious and pretend I don't see them!" Wong Chung Hiu helplessly said, "That certainly will be difficult, I have to be more cautious! I have learned a lesson, from now on I have to watch what I say."

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