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Patrick Tam is the only choice for lead actor for Irene Wan
From youth to marriage is no acting challenge for Irene Wan
Patrick Tam and Irene Wan play patty cakes in Autumn for the first love feel
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The Irene Wan Bik Ha produced and starred new film LOVE IN LATE AUTUMN (OI JOI SUM CHAU) recently released its second film poster that was rich in Autumn flavor. Irene and lead actor Patrick Tam Yiu Man played patty cakes on the back of a truck in a warm and romantic way! She admitted that when she worked on this scene with Ah Tam she relived the first love feeling.

In the film they played a relationship that went from heavy to light, Irene said that she relived the romantic atmosphere of her youth as she and Ah Tam went wild with romance. Speaking of "naming" Ah Tam to be her new film's lead actor, Irene said that he had a righteous feeling and even praised his image as an "extinct good man". Was she worried that her husband would be jealous? Irene pointed out that her husband was rather understanding and would not get jealous over this.

Irene and Ah Tam have known each other for years. When she prepared to produce the new film, she immediately wanted to invite him to be the lead actor. Ah Tam agreed right away without even looking at a script. He had very confidence in her. Irene in the film played her character in her youth to marriage, the character had a lot of changes. Co-star Ah Tam praised her for being in full control of her performance in both eras. Irene's challenging acting already received recognition from the 7th Macau International Film Festival as she has been nominated for Best Actress.

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