Monday, December 14, 2015


Anita Chui and Alycia Chan rush to watch the playback
Jacquelin Chong checks out toys at the news stand
Angie Shum
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Jacquelin Chong Si Man is working on both THE MENU (DOH FOR SUN MUN SIN) and PROMOTION GIRLS (PG LUEN OI JI YUN) at the same time, fellow artist Gregory Wong Chung Hiu got into with her over appearance and scheduling conflicts. Later she sobbed to the media that he tried to "end her livelihood". Although boss Stephen Shiu Jr. issued a gag order on both, Wong Chung Hiu earlier still took a jab at her with a "soccer" comment.

Although the matter has not been settled, Jacquelin two nights ago worked on the Patrick Kong (Yip Lim Sum) directed with a smile. Around 10PM, Jacquelin, Alycia Chan Yuen Hung, Anita Chui Bik Ka and Angie Shum Yat Ka appeared on Argyle Street in Mongkok. All four appeared in their "beer girl" costumes on the streets.

With her hair dyed blonde, Jacquelin with a cigarette in her hand and walked around the busy streets. She looked convincing as the "MK Beer Girl". She went to a nearby news stand to look at toys. A female fan asked for a photo together and she happily obliged. Later she also raised a victory sign toward the reporters. Chan Yuen Hung, Chui Bik Ka and Shum Yat Ka after several takes immediately put on their jackets to stay warm. Then they huddled around the machine to watch the playback.

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