Wednesday, December 9, 2015


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Charlie Yeung Choi Nei yesterday attended a charity event as an UNICEF Hong Kong ambassador. The event will help improving water source and environmental health for poor Mainland farm areas and even invited international singer Jermaine Jackson to sing the theme song. Charlie said that she has already a fever and the flu for three days. She even spread it to her husband. She said that she got sick after she finished her film. After the fever subsided she rushed back to Hong Kong for this event. Later she will see a doctor and go home to rest. As for Christmas, she said that in the past she and her husband would go somewhere they have never been to, but this year they decided to be filial as they will go to Australian with her parents in law. She said, "When my Papa passed away, my husband was very supportive of me and my family. He was a good son in law and took my Mommy on vacation. This time it's my turn to be a good daughter in law."

Recently Charlie worked with Aaron Kwok Fu Sing again on COLD WAR 2 (HONG JIN 2). Was love written all over Sing Sing's face? She said that love has always been all over Sing Sing's face. He was a very energetic and fun friend, but they would never ask each other about their personal lives. Did she see Sing Sing's new girlfriend visit the set? Charlie admitted that she did not, and Sing Sing was very serious on the set. Did Sing Sing surprise her when he made the announcement? Charlie believed that he was prepared when he did. Some said that Sing Sing's taste changed. She said that she did not think about that and would not ask about it. She did not even want to talk or comment about it. She felt that the most important was Sing Sing chose her himself. As a friend she would give her blessing.

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