Tuesday, December 8, 2015


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Karena Lam says that she would give Stephen Fung a discount for his film
Karena Lam is cautious with her script choices
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The fresh out of the oven Golden Horse Best Actress Karena Lam Ka Yun and Stephen Fung Tak Lun yesterday attended the LeTV press conference. Ka Yun after winning Best Actress received many offers, but she would choose her scripts cautiously. Would she ask her director husband for his opinion? Ka Yun said that she has, but not to get his director point of view. She mainly wanted to get his support, because while she was on the set he would have to stay home to take care of their daughter. She said, "This is my greatest motivation!" The Fung Tak Lun produced and directed American television series INTO THE BADLANDS has already sold its rights to LeTV and will air later. Ka Yun said that she rather enjoyed foreign series and would definitely show her support.

Fung Tak Lun said that three episodes have already aired in the U.S. and the response has been decent. He was in negotiation to make more. Would he ask Ka Yun? Fung Tak Lun immediately asked Ka Yun if her rate was very expensive after winning an award. He joked that he lacked funding. Ka Yun immediately replied and joked that she could give him a discount. "I asked him if he would come back to shoot in Hong Kong. He said he would and I was very happy." Fung Tak Lun was planning a Chinese film. He will direct. He joked that because no one asked him to be on camera, he was forced to direct. He said that he could not both direct and star, as he did not want people to complain that he only shot himself well. It would be very awkward.

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