Friday, December 18, 2015


Alan Tam is still full of expressions while carrying Jaime Chik
Alan Tam kicks backward while carrying a doll double
Jaime Chik risks lying on the streets despite being a neat freak
Alan Tam keeps joking around on the set
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Alan Tam Wing Lun two nights ago worked on his new film GONG WU HEI KET (MOB COMEDY) with Jaime Chik Mei Chun in Sheung Wan. He carried Chik Mei Chun while dodging the attack of rivals. After several takes Alan remained agile as he turned around and kicked. He received praises from Sam Soh and the set visiting Christine Ng Wing Mei, "Grocery store! He can give you whatever you want!"

Alan traded compliments with Sam Soh and Lady Ng. "This time I have two beauties to keep me company, the spoils of the film production. (the stunt is a piece of cake?) I didn't notice before. The doll has quite a sharp nose, which hit me in the forehead a few times. I was fine though. Sam Soh had to lie on the ground. Normally when I see her at dinner she has to wash her chopsticks several times. I should show this to (Michael) Miu Kiu Wai, it's not easy money!"

Sam Soh who lay on the streets in the cold said, "I never thought about lying on the street, but I am OK. All the fun from the shoot makes up for it. (Are you afraid of how dirty the street is?) I personally love to be clean, I have mysophobia but I got into the character. I didn't sense it at all. (What do you think about Alan's agility?) He truly lives up to the name of grocery store, whatever you want you get, he can give you anything. Maybe because he plays soccer four days a week he is very agile!"

Alan revealed that Lady Ng had "bed stunts" with her male co-star. Lady Ng cracked up, "This time we have had a crazy and fun time working together. We talked about anything and everything. So now even though my scenes have wrapped I still come to visit. I want a photo with Sam Soh, hopefully we will work together on the next film soon!"

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