Saturday, December 26, 2015


Connie Man brings to life her prostitute character
Iris Chung, Teresa Mak
Dominic Ho and Leslie Lam share a fiery kiss
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The "Jing Girl" Connie Man Hoi Ling, Dominic Ho Ho Man, Iris Chung Choi Yi and Leslie Lam Lei Han starred film THE GIGOLO 2 (NGAP WONG 2) will be released in the middle of next month. The trailer was recently released online.

In the trailer Dominic got intimate with Connie and Leslie. Connie also was dressed in black lingerie and stocking. She even practiced her oral skills with tofu balls and cigars in order to become the top prostitute. Iris showed off her figure in a swimsuit. In another scene in which Tony Ho Wa Chiu tortured her, Iris was expressive and even had a back baring scene. The scenes were controversial, no wonder the trailer received over 150,000 hits.

Connie said that in the film she had many embarrassing difficulties. Being in bed with Dominic she was already very bashful. The "oral skill practice" scene was super embarrassing. "I was already very worried when I read the script. That day many people were on the set. It was very awkward, my face was all red, my mind was blank. I could only pretend everyone was invisible. Luckily the director got it in one take! When I watched the playback I too thought the result was very exaggerated!" Iris said that the torture scene was rather bloody. The shoot also felt very horrifying. Luckily she admitted that she was emotional, she got in and out of the character very quickly.

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