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Mike Tyson remains unfazed when Donnie Yen kicks him in the little Mike
When Donnie Yen takes away the long staff, it accidentally hits Max Zhang in the head
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Donnie Yen Chi Tan starred in the film IP MAN 3 and fought with many great fighters like Max Zhang Jin and Leung Ka Yan, of course the selling point would be the battle against boxing champion Mike Tyson. In one scene Chi Tan kicked "Little Tyson", but because the kick was so fast Chi Tan and Tyson did not felt anything or respond. Chi Tan even joked, "Maybe he is trained in iron cloth!"

Chi Tan even revealed that Tyson was a good husband. "Tyson and I really have a lot to talk about, maybe because of our similar personalities. We both really love our wives, I talked with his wife about the children's education. (How did Tyson spoil his wife?) When he comes to the set and goes to the hotel he would hold his wife's hands. They are very loving." Because they had a lot in common, despite the short time together they still established certain connections. Chi Tan even said that Tyson after finishing his scenes seemed to be teary eyed when he shook his hand and bid him farewell with a little reluctance. Chi Tan was very happy to have met a friend in Tyson. They will stay in touch.

In addition, Yen Chi Tan and Zhang Jin in IP MAN 3 had many fight scenes as well. They also had many flubs. After one fight scene, Chi Tan turned around and left with a long staff but accidentally hit Zhang Jin who was next to him. Chi Tan said, "At the time I didn't know what happened, I only heard Zhang Jin went ouch behind me. Then I finally realized I hurt him. After that the crew kept laughing and said that I was out for revenge for when he hit my nose earlier. I watched the playback. The accident was pretty comedic, we couldn't have done it any better even if we planned it."

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