Tuesday, December 29, 2015


Patrick Tam says it is a honor to take Tyson's punch
Donnie Yen and his family pose with STAR WARS episode 7 director and stars
Max Zhang, Ada Choi, Monica Chan and Mary Han go to the movies together
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Raymond Wong Pak Ming and Patrick Tam Yiu Man yesterday promoted their film IP MAN 3 on Metro Radio. The film after five days in release in Hong Kong has already HK$ 23 million. Executive producer Wong Pak Ming predicted that the film will surpass its two predecessors. He said, "IP MAN made HK$ 20 million, IP MAN 2 made HK$ 43 million. I believe this time we will make over HK$ 50 million." Aside from Hong Kong box office success, the film also received good news elsewhere, like defeat STAR WARS in Singapore and the likelihood to become the highest grossing Chinese film in Malaysia. Thus next month a celebration will take place. When asked about a fourth installment, Wong Pak Min said that it will depend on time and word of mouth. He would hesitate to jump into it without any forethought.

Ah Tam in the film played a villain and had to take a beating from boxing champion Mike Tyson. Was he injured? He said, "My heart was injured from being scared. Actually I wanted to pay a double to take it for me, but no one was willing. However I was pretty honored to take a few punches form him. (Any bad take?) No, but Tyson hit me so hard I was out of the shot. Later he hug me back." Ah Tam also said that his sacrifice for the film was considerable. Thus director Wilson Yip Wai Shun promised him that next time he will play a good guy.

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