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Tiffany Hsu says she and old flame Ethan Juan remain friends
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Both Kara Wai and Tommy Tam started in Shaw and won awards for their lead roles
Carlos Chan's mind goes blank during his speech.  Jessica Hester Hsuan accepts her first film award
Ariel Aisin-Gioro
Tiffany Hsu does not want to discuss her love life
Irene Wan
Zhao Liying
Jessica Hester Hsuan
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The 7th Macau International Movie Festival took place last night. Kara Wai Ying Hung with the film HAPPINESS (HUNG WON SI NGOR) won Best Actress. During her acceptance speech she urged for more attention to dementia patients. Tommy Tam (Ti Lung) with THE KID FROM THE BIG APPLE (NGOR LOI JI NAU YEUK) won Best Actor. He said that the script moved him deeply. Carlos Chan Ka Lok and Jessica Hester Hsuan (Suen Huen) won Best Supporting Actor and Actress.

Many Golden Lotus Awards were presented. Best Actor went to veteran artist Ti Lung for THE KID FROM THE BIG APPLE over Francis Ng Chun Yu, Donnie Yen Chi Tan, Feng Xiaogang and Eddie Peng Yu-Yan. Ti Lung during the acceptance said, "Thank you to the jury, thank you to my wife, who grabbed the script back when I was in trouble and made me the opportunity to make this film. This film script also moved me."

Emperor Motion Pictures HAPPINESS' Wai Ying Hung defeated Irene Wan Bik Ha, Wang Luodan, Tiffany Hsu and Ariel Aisin-Gioro for Best Actress. Wai Ying Hung said during her acceptance, "This film is very meaningful because it is about learning about dementia. When my Mama at age 50 suffered from it she was constantly lost and needed people to bring her home. At the time I was naive, I didn't know about this illness. I hope the film can make everyone show love to the patients. Thank you Emperor Motion Pictures' Dr. (Albert) Yeung Sau Sing. He not only invested in commercial films but also many art films."

Wai Ying Hung revealed back stage, "Actually now Mother can't recognize me anymore, so I definitely have to say what I said on the stage. I have always regretted that. Speaking out made me feel less guilty because I have always loved my Mama."

Chan Ka Lok also with HAPPINESS won Best Supporting Actor. He was teary eyed when he accepted the award. "Thank you boss, Emperor Motion Pictures, my family, thank you to my manager for pick me up, thank you wai Ying Hung, in the film she helped me a lot. I would continue to put an effort into being a good actor." Chan Ka Lok said later, "On the stage my mind went blank, then I was moved to tears. I haven't told my girlfriend yet. Thank you Wai Ying Hung for always yelling at me so I would finally improve. I have to take her to dinner ot thank her."

Jessica Hester Hsuan (Suen Huen) with THE KID FROM THE BIG APPLE won Best Supporting Actress. She said on the stage, "Actually I rarely make movies, this is my first film award. I will keep working hard. My co-star in the film Ti Lung slapped me, at the time he said to me, 'You would be great, anyone I have hit have become stars.' Here is to hoping he would slap me a few more times."

Best New Actor went to MY's Tan Qin Lin. Best Director went to WOLF TOTEM's Jean-Jacques Annaud. Qin Yi won the Chinese Film Outstanding Contribution Award.

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